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    JBoss Federated SSO - Big Picture





    Big Picture:


    • Please refer to the attached PowerPoint Presentation on this page to get a High Level overview of all the components of JBoss Federated SSO and how they integrate with each other\




    *Developer CheckList for Enabling end-to-end Federated SSO *



    • Step 1:



      • Decide where you Identity Data will be stored. Based on that decision either use the built-in LDAPIdentityProvider or write your custom LoginProvider that connects to this IdentityStore. Register this LoginProvider with the IdentityManagement Service. For details: Steps to integrate the Identity Management Framework \



    • Step 2:




    • Step 3:



      • At this point, your web application is "SSO Enabled". Now, it needs to be integrated with the Federation Server to make it "Federated SSO Enabled". This is done by configuring this web application in the server.cfg.xml file of the Federation Server in its security domain. For details: Federated SSO/Federation Server Explanation \