Version 6

    BlackTie is designed to build upon and extend the existing capabilities of the JBoss application server to provide an environment in which to develop and deploy XATMI applications in C, C++ and Java. This discussion is intended to explain the motivations supporting the most significant architectural design decisions taken by the team. It does not intend to provide an in-depth discussion of XAMTI or TX, there are freely available sources of information for these specifications widely available on the internet for this type of information.

    BlackTie Architecture

    A standard BlackTie application is composed of the following participants:

    As can be seen from the above diagram the intention for BlackTie as with any XATMI implementation is to allow bespoke application programs (AP) to access their counterparts within the same application (local and remote) and to reliably coordinate the persisting of the state of the application across multiple resource managers (such as a database), using a collection of services provided by the framework.

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