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    Red Hat JBoss portfolio continues to grow and is wildly adopted in the Enterprise. In this session Derek Howlett will present the latest news from the JBoss World, new products, new services and a quick introduction to the JBoss Way.


    The JBoss Way
    Red Hat has streamlined the path to developing modern applications in a more simple, productive manner: the JBoss Way. In this session, Pete Muir will highlight how the JBoss Way provides you with the toolkit to build your applications more quickly, productively, and easily. He will walk you through:


    • Java EE 6, the core of the JBoss Way
    • The various presentation technologies, including HTML5, REST, RichFaces, and Errai
    • PicketLink, a JBoss Community project providing security and identity management
    • Apache DeltaSpike, providing CDI extensions
    • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, enabling you to scale your data


    About Pete Muir
    Pete Muir leads the CDI 1.1 specification, and works on JBoss Developer Framework, a set of tutorials and examples for all Red Hat JBoss Middleware users. Prior to this role, Pete worked on Infinispan, led the Seam and Weld projects, and was a founder of the Arquillian project. Pete has worked on a number of specifications including JSF 2.0, AtInject, and Java EE 7. Prior to working at Red Hat, Pete used and contributed to Seam while working at a UK-based staffing agency as its IT development manager.


    About Derek Howlett

    Derek has more than 30 years experience in the I.T. industry covering enterprise architecture, design, development, sales and support. He is a senior, technical enterprise architect who has led a number of architecture teams in designing and deploying state-of-the-art technology platforms into key, dynamic accounts both in the UK and USA.

    Derek is a highly experienced open source technologist who understands the lasted service orientated design methodologies, including business process modeling, workflow analysis, service orientated architecture and modern web services techniques.