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    Boston JBoss User Group - Let's Get Ready to Rumble !




    June 20th, 2010




    John Harvard's

    33 Dunster St.





    JUDCon and JBoss World is coming to town, so come and meet JBoss core developers for a beer and food at John Harvard's near Harvard Square in Cambridge before it all starts !




    6.00 PM - ??.?? PM: Meetup


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    Jesper Pedersen, JBoss by Red Hat

    Andrew Lee Rubinger, JBoss by Red Hat

    Dimitris Andreadis, JBoss by Red Hat

    Pete Muir, Red Hat, Inc.

    Max Rydahl Andersen, Red Hat (tentatively, depends on flight)

    Steven Boscarine, Children's Hospital Boston

    Kevin Holbrook, Axeda Corp. (will be bringing a few engineers with me)

    Galder Zamarreño, JBoss by Red Hat

    Ales Justin, JBoss by Red Hat

    Lincoln Baxter, III - Red Hat, Inc., JBoss.

    Aslak Knutsen,  Red Hat, Inc., JBoss.

    Kabir Khan, JBoss by Red Hat

    Mads Peter Henderson, Miracle A/S

    Morten Hauch, Miracle A/S

    Jay Balunas, JBoss by Red Hat

    Dan Allen, JBoss by Red Hat (thanks to SouthWest for letting me change my flight)

    Mircea Markus, JBoss by Red Hat (depends on my flight)

    Jordan Ganoff, AirIT