Version 6

    Software needed


    To run BoxGrinder as a service with RESTful API you need to launch a BoxGrinder REST server. REST server will take all incoming requests and dispatch tasks to build nodes. The general (simplified) architecture may look like this.




    Supported operating systems are: Fedora 12 and CentOS 5.5.

    BoxGrinder REST

    On one node install BoxGrinder REST server. You can download BoxGrinder REST application and deploy it on your JBoss AS with TorqueBox deployer. You can also use special TorqueBox build bundled with BoxGrinder REST. Software is ready to download from BoxGrinder REST download page.

    BoxGrinder Node

    You need also one or more build nodes. Prepare a clean system with JRuby installed and available in $PATH. Install BoxGrinder Node using jgem command:

    ~> jgem install boxgrinder-node


    BoxGrinder REST

    You need to specify what kind of plugins you want to expose to clients. For example if BoxGrinder supports s3, ami, cloudfront and local delivery plugins and you want to allow only cloudfront delivery for clients you tell that BoxGrinder REST. Same goes to platform and operating system plugins. You can also specify the architectures you're supporting. By default there are no plugins and architectures added.


    To configure BoxGrinder REST please create a $BOXGRINDER_REST_HOME/config/boxgrinder.yml file. Example content is shown below:

        - ec2
        - vmware
        - s3
        - sftp
        - 11
        - 12
      - i386
      - x86_64

    BoxGrinder Node

    Please create a configuration file located in ~/.boxgrinder-node/config for each BoxGrinder Node. Below is an example file:

    rest_server_address:                         # default: localhost

    naming_port: 1099                                     # default: 1099

    build_location: /home/boxgrinder/build                # default: current dir (pwd)
    log_location: /home/boxgrinder/build/log/node.log
         # default: log/node.log

    Please note that it is highly probable you want to have same config on each node.


    After BoxGrinder is set up you can run BoxGrinder REST server launching JBoss AS. After server is started you can launch also BoxGrinder Node on each node:

    ~> boxgrinder-node
    Note: In future versions there will be auto register feature and a init script created to run BoxGrinder Node as a service.

    After you launch BoxGrinder Node please go to:




    to see if all nodes are registered successfully and are in ACTIVE state.