Version 19

    Tags, Attributes and Values

    Normally, "[Tag|DOC-12357]ging" means just attaching a keyword to a piece of Content. The Tags in the Metajizer are a little richer in that every tag is an Attribute/[Value|DOC-12540] pair, e.g. "Product:mod_jk" or "Format:FAQ". Now for every Attribute (like "Format"), there a are several associated Values (like "FAQ", "Article", "Reference"), and each of this has of course several pages, that are tagged by this attribute/value combination. In the metajizer, you can easily walk up and down that "tree". Note that it is still possible and recommended to tag with keywords (like "clustering", "JVM" etc.): Use the free-text field in the "Keyword" box for this.


    List attributes


    To browse the ontology (space of all available attribute/value combinations), start by clicking on "All available attributes".



    Here you see a listing of all Attribute pages that exist so far. Note that all the predefined attributes like Rating or Product are already listed.

    Clicking on an Attribute in either this page or the Sidebar view brings up the associated Attribute page.


    Attribute page


    This page shows a description of the Attribute (if applicable) and lists all Values that were given on a page for this attribute. Note that the page contains the word "Attribute" rendered as a link back to the listing of all attributes. If you click on one value, either here or in the sidebar, you open the associated value page.


    Value page


    This page shows a description of the Value (if applicable) and lists all pages that were Tagged with this particular attribute/value combination. Note that this page mentions the attribute to which this value belongs (here: "Product"), rendered as a link back to the associated attribute page. If you click on one a page link, the associated Content page is loaded.


    Works from the Sidebar as well


    The Attributes and Values in the Sidebar are rendered as links to the attribute- and valuepages as well, adding another convenient way to browse the Ontology.


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