Version 6

    The instructions in this page are for tag bpel_1_1_ga. For other branches/tags refer to the links below.




    Check out jBPM 3 from CVS

    cvs -d co -r bpel_1_1_ga jbpm.3


    Set the build properties



    Examine the preset properties in file jbpm.3/build/ If you need to change some build properties, avoid doing so in the aforementioned file. Instead, specify the new values in the following location:


    Here, user.home is the current user's home directory, typically something like C:\Documents and Settings\aguizar on Windows and /home/aguizar on Unix. Here is a sample of the properties you might want to customize

    # overrides
    # new entries


    • jboss.server indicates the preferred server configuration.

    • profile is used to locate a build profile jbpm.3/build/profiles/$ that provides properties specific to your target JBoss AS version. The existing profiles are jboss403, jboss405, jboss420 and jboss422.


    Start JBoss AS

    cd jboss.home
    bin/ -c jboss.server 

    Make sure to run the same server configuration you specified in


    Run the test suite

    cd jbpm.3/bpel/library
    ant install.jar
    ant test

    Verify the jar builds correctly before you run the tests.


    Deploy jBPM BPEL to JBoss AS

    cd jbpm.3/bpel/enterprise
    ant package.ear


    Run the examples

    cd jbpm.3/bpel/examples
    ant main
    ant test

    Wait for all modules to be fully deployed before running the tests.