Version 6

    Instructions in this page are for SVN branch bpel-1.2. For CVS branches/tags refer to the links below.


    Check out jBPM BPEL from SVN

    svn co

    Set the build properties

    Examine the preset properties in file bpel-1.2/build/ If you need to change some build properties, avoid doing so in place. Instead, specify the new values in ${user.home}/jbpm/, where ${user.home} is your home directory, typically something like /home/aguizar on Unix and derivatives and C:\Documents and Settings\aguizar on Windows. Here is a sample properties file for Linux showing the values you might want to customize.

    # overrides
    # new entries


    • jboss.server indicates the preferred server configuration.

    • profile identifies a build profile that provides properties specific to your target server version. As of this writing, the existing profiles are jboss403, jboss405, jboss420, jboss422 and jboss423.

    Install Web Services Developer Pack

    Download JWSDP from the Sun web site and install it. You only need the JAX-RPC package and its dependencies.

    export _POSIX2_VERSION=199209

    Check this post on the Fedora forum for details on the _POSIX2_VERSION variable.

    Build jBPM

    cd bpel-1.2/build
    ant build.jpdl
    ant build.bpel

    If this is the first time you build jBPM, thirdparty dependencies will be fetched from the JBoss repository.

    Start JBoss AS

    cd jboss-4.2.3.GA
    bin/ -c default

    Make sure to run the same server configuration you specified in your

    Run the test suite

    cd bpel-1.2/bpel/library
    ant test

    Some server tests will fail under JDK 6 due to JBWS-1439.

    Deploy jBPM BPEL to JBoss AS

    cd bpel-1.2/bpel/enterprise
    ant deploy.ear

    Run the examples

    cd bpel-1.2/bpel/examples
    ant main
    ant test

    Wait for all modules to be fully deployed before running the examples.

    Import Projects into Eclipse

    Go to File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace

    Select root directory: bpel-1.2/bpel then Finish

    Repeat, selecting root directory bpel-1.2/bpel/container

    You should end up with the following projects

    • bpel
    • jboss403
    • jboss405
    • jboss420

    Define Classpath Variables

    Go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables

    Set JBPM_REPO to folder ${user.home}/jbpm/repository

    and JWSDP_HOME to folder ${software.installation.dir}/jwsdp-2.0

    Import User Libraries

    Go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> User Libraries

    Select Import... and browse to bpel-1.2/bpel/user.libraries.xml. Mind the file type filter.

    Set Code Style

    Go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter

    Select Import... and browse to bpel-1.2/bpel/