Version 7

    Building Savara


    SAVARA is built using Maven. Specifically version 3 of maven is required, as the build uses the Tycho maven plugins to create the Eclipse features/plugins and update site.


    1. Check out source:


    The SAVARA source code, associated with the trunk, can be checked out using the following command:

    svn co


    You will also need to check out part of the JBoss Tools build mechanism, using:

    svn co



    2. Build the distributions


    From the jboss tools parent folder, run:

    mvn clean install


    This is necessary to create the jboss-tools parent-pom artifact within your local maven repository.


    The next step is to invoke the main Savara build using:


    mvn clean install -U -B -e -fae -P jbosstools-nightly-trunk,helios-remote-target,\!helios


    Note: the -U option may be unnecessary after the first build - its just to ensure the dependencies are up-to-date. Also the -fae (fail at end) option may not be required if the early detection of errors is preferred.


    The distribution/target folder will then contain the main distribution, containing the docs, samples and validators for installation into appropriate environments (initially JBossAS + JBossESB).


    The Eclipse update site is available from tools/site/target/


    Build workspace for Eclipse


    1. Run

    mvn eclipse:eclipse


    to build the workspace file (.classpath, .project etc). And then use the 'Eclipse -> import existing projects' to load the modules into Eclipse.