Version 1


    The new components <rich:page> and <rich:layout> provide a very flexble way to create layout and template pages. The <rich:page> component is a useful tool to create nearly everything related to html/xtml page: parameters like title, meta tags  etc, basic layout: header, side bar and footer. The <rich:layout> is a great addition to <rich:page>  , you can use it to make layout inside the areas you create with r<rich:page>.


    Moreover, you can use Facelets to insert the content you use on every page of your app like menu, header and footer.

    So, let’s make a simple example of how you can create a template.


    <f:view xmlns=""
         <rich:page sidebarPosition="left" sidebarWidth="300"
              pageTitle="This is a demo template">
              <f:facet name="header">
                   <ui:include src="/layout/header.xhtml" />
              <f:facet name="sidebar">
                   <ui:include src="/layout/mainMenu.xhtml" />
                   <!--Side panel-->
                   <rich:layoutPanel position="top">
                   <rich:layoutPanel position="left">
                   <rich:layoutPanel position="center">
                   <rich:layoutPanel position="right">
                   <rich:layoutPanel position="bottom">
              <f:facet name="footer">