Version 14

    Cruisecontrol is setup on /home/cruisecontrol on all build boxes


    Directory Structure




    Cruisecontrol web application


    • runs on tomcat installed on /home/cruisecontrol/tomcat on build01 using port 8079.

    • To deploy the cruisecontrol web-app, build cruisecontrol.war from the src found on /home/cruisecontrol/cruisecontrol-2.1.6/ and copy it to the tomcat deploy dir.


    Build Artifacts sync from QA lab to production box


    • We only have a single CC web-app instance serving all the different CC instances.

    • Since the QA lab boxes and production lab boxes are not connected we rync the build artifacts and logs from the QA lab boxes to the production boxes.

    • rsync script is a cronjob (/home/cruisecontrol/ on dev01.



    Historical Builds stored


    • We preserve only the latest builds. Script to do this stay on svn (

    • There is a cron job that tries to update it locally every 15 minutes

    • There is a cron job on build01 and dev01 that runs it every day

    • The script does basically the following:

      • 10 0    find /home/cruisecontrol/work/logs -mtime +30 -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 -exec /bin/rm -rf {} \;

      • 30 0    find /home/cruisecontrol/work/artifacts -mtime +30 -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 -exec /bin/rm -rf {} \;

    as well as count based retention (see svn)



    Windows setup

    We currently have one windows cc instance with SFU installed. It has poor support for NFS drive has to be remounted for every rerun thus we use the attached .bat file to start cc instance. Note environment setting, remounting part, -Dcc.home and cruisecontrol is started without jetty which differ from the original file version. CC is started as cruisecontrol local user (see attached files).

    • SFU installed components - client and mapper + 2 updates (see download dir on dev29)

    • NFS buffer size is 8

    • map users to unix uid numers to match their home directories

    • use hard mount

    • using password file cruisecontrol and test_cc users are mapped to the appropriate uids


    This instance is started from installed java and cruisecontrol on the box itself. subversion and pstools (pskill) must be in PATH. Can add projects there using the jbosslabstemplate-cc-2.6.vm