Version 10

    Add a new project:


    • To add a new project first identify the build box it needs to go based on the build frequency and the load on the box.

    • Add a corresponding entry in the respective projects-.xml

    • Create a build script for the project.

    • Create an empty checkout dir under work/checkout (This is important, or the build will fail).

    • CC will automatically load the updated ccconfig.xml. But this takes a while and for faster build for the added project restart CC with the updated ccconfig.xml

    (Make sure you have tested it before on test_cc)



    To setup a new CC instance:


    • Identify a box.

    • Create a corresponding projects-.xml

    • Thats all is needed as the /home/cruisecontrol is a shared nfs.



    To increase frequency of existing builds

    • Increase the scheduleinterval in projects-.xml

    • Build01 and Build02 are fully loaded. In such cases restart CC and force a build.



    To force a build

    • CC jmx-console runs on port 8091. Setup an ssh tunnel to port 8091 and access CC's jmx console on http://localhost:8091



    Cruisecontrol auto-update Build:


    The cruisecontrol build on cruisecontrol auto updates the CC work environment with the latest modifications in the QA repo.

    What it does:


    • Checks out the cruisecontrol project from QA repo.

    • Generates all the cc--config.xml and copies to the scripts dir.

    • Copies all the scripts and resources to the respective dir's.


    Note: Any property file which contains passwords and private information is not updated by the auto-update build. They have to be done manually. They confidential information shouldnt go into the QA repo as well.



    To send notifications to a special mailing list.


    • Subscribe to the respective mailing list

    • Turn off email delivery. (Important)

    • Update the respective projects-.xml.



    JBoss Compatibility Matrix


    • The client libraries for the compatibility matrix runs should be put under work/checkout/jboss-versions

    • After a JBoss AS release update the above directory with the released vesion of client libraries



    JBossNative Builds


    Refer JBossNativeBuilds wiki for detailed information on the platforms and build boxes and tools:


    To startup the daemon on the respective box.


    • Logon to the box and sudo as cruisecontrol user.

    • Go to /home/cruisecontrol/daemon and run "nohup ant -f daemon.xml daemon -Daddress=IPADDRESS &"

      • (use MYTESTIP_1 for the IP address. Make sure its the same as on build-jbossnative.xml under worl/scripts)

    • Make sure JAVA_HOME is set to jdk1.5 for that particular platform before starting the daemon.