Version 10

    On Build01

    Start and stop Cruisecontrol


    Run the script /etc/init.d/cruiseinit with the following options


    start - to start cruisecontrol when it is not running


    stop - to stop cruisecontrol


    status - to find if cruisecontrol is running or stopped


    restart - stops the running instance of cruisecontrol and starts it.


    Start and stop Tomcat


    Tomcat is used to run the Cruisecontrol web application.

    Run the script /etc/init.d/tomcat-cruise with the following options


    start - starts Tomcat with the cruisecontrol web application


    stop - stops Tomcat running the cruisecontrol web application


    Cruisecontrol startup

    • UNIX hosts - rc.local init file

    • on windows hosts - Task Scheduler at system startup

      • run gpedit.msc->Comp. Conf.->Win. Settings->Sec. Sett.->Local Pol.->User Rights Assignment

      • add cruisecontrol user to "Log on as batch job"

      • make cruisecontrol user member of the Batch Operators group

      • allow cruisecontrol user read/execute \windows\system32\cmd.exe

      • setup task to run cruisecontrol.bat as the cruisecontrol user on system start up - 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c "cd C:\PROGRA~1\CruiseControl-2.6 & cruisecontrol.bat"'

      • see attached cruisecontrol.bat on CCEnvironment; windows setup tips there too


    See below for few of the hosts how to run manually:


    On Dev01

    Run /home/cruisecontrol/work/


    On Dev03

    Run /home/cruisecontrol/work/


    On Build02

    Run /home/cruisecontrol/work/


    On dev17

    Run /home/continuum/tomcat/bin/