Version 5

    Here is a list of new features for CDI Tools which we may plan to implement in 3.3 version.


    1. Support Seam Solder extensions (@Veto, @Requires, @Exact, named packages, @FullyQuilified, @Resource)

        See JBIDE-8195


        How to implement:


        CDI Extensions.

        CDI builder should look at /META-INF/servises/... within the project classpath to pik up all the available extensions.

        Then via extension point mechanism load all the corresponding CDI Tools model extensions.


    2. Support Seam Faces module.

        See JBIDE-8572

        - Code completion for all the available validator IDs for <s:validateForm validatorId="|" />. See JBIDE-8573

         - OpenOn for corresponding validator for <s:validateForm validatorId="validatorID" />. See JBIDE-8574

         - Don't validate injection points with @InputField qualifier. See JBIDE-8576

         - Code completion for valid phases in <s:viewAction phase="|"/>. See JBIDE-8577


    3. Support seam/weld typesafe xml schema

        See JBIDE-3120

        TBD by Slava.


    4. CDI view



        - Project 1

           - @Named

           - Qualifiers

           - Scopes

           - Decorators

           - Interceptors

           - Binding type


        - Project 2


    5. Search for @Named components by name:


        - CDI Search tab in Search dialog. - ?

        - Pop-up menu on @Named->References->... search for all the ELs which use the bean.


    6. Quick Fixes


        Continue implementing.


    7. Enabling/Disabling alternatives/interceptors/decorators in java source.


        Via an info marker on the annotation?


    8. Support Seam 2 backwards compatibility module in CDI projects.


        Seam 2 backwards compatibility module still seems to be in plans only. See

        But we should add this support as soon as this module is available.


    9. CDI code completion in Java editor.


        JDT provides all the needed completion but we can duplicate some of proposals with better icons,... and put them in separate category. Not sure it's a very useful feature.


    10. Dependency diagram

        Some diagram is to show dependencies between CDI artifacts (beans, qualifiers, stereotypes, ...) - ?