CDK Wish-List

The list of ideas for improving CDK:


(The forum thread to discuss such improvements:



Bug fixes


  • c:foreach in a cast component will result on a List<Object> instead of List<UIComponent> RF-12230
  • EL empty method doesn't work for Collection RF-12231
  • generate both get* and is* methods for boolean/Boolean expressions RF-12249
  • support arbitrary objects with the <cdk:object> tag RF-11668

Ease of use


  • <cdk:object /> scoping RF-12195
  • fix scanning for interfaces (XML-free inheritance of attributes using Java interfaces) RF-12261




  • Do not overwrite encodeBegin/encodeEnd when extending RendererBase RF-12235
  • short-cuts for repetitious expressions RF-12247
  • Auto-casting #{component} inside the encodeBegin / encodeEnd methods RF-12248


High-level Features


  • generating listener tags RF-12257
  • support for data attributes RF-12177
  • full support for iterative/dynamic components RF-12259
  • cc:renderFacet RF-12260
  • wildcard support in component attributes RF-12200
  • Support "varStatus" attribute on c:forEach RF-12232
  • Support for CDK fragments to allow recursion and abstraction of code RF-12226
  • Support for combining custom taglib configuration with generated taglib files from CDK RF-12272


Performance improvements


  • Conditional resource inclusion RFSBOX-4
  • rendering scripts using JavaScriptService (deferred inititialization) RF-11822


Testing CDK


  • test harness for testing features of CDK from high-level view (give input / test output (scan java class/javadoc/annotation)) RF-12262


Development turnaround



Other Tracked Issues


Link to all unresolved CDK 4.x issues


  • template compiler: add assertion tags RF-8885
  • Support partial component updates in renderer RF-8058
  • CDK: <c:forEach > should generate while(){} loop for Iterator and Enumeration RF-10037