Version 5

    Paging long CLI output




    Offer a workflow to navigate long content in a paged way.


    In interative mode only, it doesn’t apply to script nor redirected output, if the page is longer than the terminal height, a workflow is proposed to the user.

    The percentage of displayed output is print similar to “more” command. If ‘space’ is typed, then a new page is printed. If ‘return’ or the 'arrow down' keys are typed, a new line of content is printed  until there are no more content to display. If ‘q’ or ‘Ctrl-C’ is typed, the user exists the workflow and the prompt is displayed.



    Although ability to turn the paging off using a configuration item (<page-output>true|false</page-output> could be seen as an interesting capability, we will wait for user feedbacks before to support it.

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