Version 3

    Rework batch related commands for better UX




    The batch command is difficult to use. The combination of options is not that obvious to use. Batch command is associated to a bunch of other commands (discard-batch, run-batch, …) that are somehow hidden. A new command should be introduce to clearly offer action for all batch related use cases.


    100% compatibility for existing commands. Existing batch command option combinations should still be usable from scripts but hidden from completion. They are replaced by a reworked “batch” command with the following actions:

    • clear           - Removes all the existing command lines from the batch.
    • discard         - Discards the currently active batch.
    • edit-line       - Replaces existing command line from the current batch
    • holdback        - Saves the currently active batch and exits the batch.
    • list            - Lists all the commands in the currently active batch.
    • list-holdbacks  - Prints a list of currently held back batches.
    • load-file       - Create a new batch and feeds it with commands.
    • move-line       - Moves existing line from the specified position to the new position.
    • new             - Starts the batch mode by creating a new batch.
    • re-activate     - Re-activate an heldback batch.
    • remove-line     - Removes an existing command line specified with line number.
    • run             - Run a batch.
    • run-file        - Run a batch file.

    Design Notes

    New command is developped with aesh 1.0 Command API.

    In order to avoid maintain 2 batch logic (legacy commands and new command), the legacy options are supported by calling into the new command internally.



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