Cheatsheet: PicketLink and JBoss AS

Version 9

    Version: PicketLink   Download here


    JBoss Application Server v7.0

    Instructions coming soon.



    JBoss Application Server v6.0 or v5.x



    Step 1.  Download JBoss Application Server v5.1.0 or v6.0 (Chose the zip file)


    Step 2: Unzip the in your home directory.


    Step 3: Download  (Full Distribution) from


    Step 4. Unzip the in the $HOME/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deploy directory


    After unzipping,  you should have a picketlink directory in the deploy directory.



    /jboss-6.0.0.Final/server/default/deploy/picketlink$ ls
    claims.war             idp.war                               sales-post.war
    employee-post-sig.war  openid4java-nodeps-0.9.5.jar                  picketlink-sp-jboss-beans.xml      sales-saml11.war
    employee-post.war      pdp.war                                       picketlink-sts-jboss-beans.xml     sales.war
    employee.war         picketlink-sts.war
    idp-sig.war    sales-post-sig.war


    Step 5:  Start JBoss AS 5.1/6.0 in the bin directory.


    Step 6: Go to browser  and enter:  http://localhost:8080/sales/


    Step 7: When redirected to login, enter:  username: tomcat    password:  tomcat


    Step 8: You should see the sales page.


    Step 9: Open a new tab in the browser:    http://localhost:8080/employee/


    You should see the employee page.


    • If you passed anything to -b  except for localhost (i.e. you intend to use this on anything BUT localhost) you need to go edit every xml file in WEB-INF and change localhost to the value of -b (or whatever you're going to in the browser should work)