Version 2

    Allows you to determine which JSP page originally got the request.  It is very useful to know this when you are including specific information on a page.


    Available contexts are:


    • "view" - Wiki.jsp

    • "edit" - Edit.jsp

    • "diff" - Diff.jsp

    • "info" - PageInfo.jsp

    • "preview" - Preview.jsp

    • "conflict" - PageModified.jsp

    • "upload" - Upload.jsp

    • "error" - Error.jsp

    • "find"  - Search.jsp

    • "prefs" - UserPreferences.jsp




    <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="view|edit|diff...">

    HTML or JSP






    Context to check.  If the context matches, includes the body.




    This example comes from ViewTemplate.jsp:

          <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="view">
             <wiki:Include page="PageContent.jsp" ></wiki:Include>
          <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="diff">
             <wiki:Include page="DiffContent.jsp" ></wiki:Include>
          <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="info">
             <wiki:Include page="InfoContent.jsp" ></wiki:Include>
          <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="preview">
             <wiki:Include page="PreviewContent.jsp" ></wiki:Include>
          <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="conflict">
             <wiki:Include page="ConflictContent.jsp" ></wiki:Include>
          <wiki:CheckRequestContext context="find">
             <wiki:Include page="FindContent.jsp" ></wiki:Include>