CirrAS | Appliances

CirrAS is a set of appliances.

front-end appliance

Software installed:


This appliance is used to load balance incoming requests and route them to back-end appliances. Gossip Router is used as a mediator for JBoss AS instances in to form a cluster. It could be done via multicast without having one more service, but unfortunately in many cloud environments multicast is disabled.

back-end appliance

Software installed:

  • JBoss Application Server
  • RHQ agent


Every back-end appliance has a JBoss AS preinstalled. Currently we're using JBoss AS 6.

management appliance

Software installed:

  • Management servic
  • RHQ Server
  • PostgreSQL server


Management appliance has a management service responsible for injecting appropriate IP addresses to nodes. It is the heart of CirrAS.


Also a RHQ server is installed. This is a fully standalone version with PostgreSQL database. It is fully preconfigured and ready to use. After management appliance is started RHQ is being deployed – this takes about minute. You can reach your RHQ console after that on:


The default username/password is: rhqadmin/rhqadmin.


After RHQ is deployed a RHQ agent is being preconfigured. Every node in the cluster will download that preconfigured agent, install it, and run. After a RHQ agent is running it register whole node in the RHQ console so you don't have to manually add new nodes to RHQ, just check Auto-discovery Queue in RHQ. Every Apache HTTPD Server and JBoss AS found in Auto-discovery will be added automatically to inventory – you don't need to add it manually.