Version 10

    A Simple List of Functionality Enhancements for Collaboration


    There are lots of things that I'd like to see done with the Wiki, Forums, and Blogs.  Please put any wish you may have with regards to collaboration components.


    Adrian's Wish List




    Who is currently developing the JBoss Forums?


    I want to add a button available to moderators that will:


    1. Add a response saying they are asking an FAQ or RTFM question and give them a link on how to use the forums, FAQ, docs, etc.  Ideally this message can be forum specific so we can point them at application specific FAQs and documentation.

    2. Move the post to a "Lazy users" forum that is omitted from the forums search index or in the alternate change the search index build to ignore topics that have moderated this way.

    3. Suspend the users ability to post to the forums for 24 hours.


    Supposed JIRA tasks for these:








    1. Email subscription of l recent changes to wiki pages.


    Damon's Wish List



    1. Ability to reply to a forum post via email:

    2. Full history of each forum posting in each email notification of a forum post--words out of context are just words: