Component Requirements Meetings

Version 1

    When a new or existing component is being developed the RichFaces team will have a meeting to quickly discuss requirements, issues, and risks.  This will be initiated by the developer of the component by following the steps below.  The primary goal of these meetings is to speed up feedback, and make sure everyone understands the goals, difficulties, and risks.


    1. [Dev] Create a forum post with details & comments on the development/migration of the component.  Cover:
      1. If a migration a full review of the existing component is required
      2. Base component functionality vs. advanced features
        1. Including open or pending jira's
      3. Attribute mapping & current support
      4. Implementation plans
        1. Major areas
        2. Risk areas ( JS library migration, JSF 2 changes, etc...)
        3. Open questions
        4. If already planned, jira's can be created as needed
        5. Requirements on other developers, resources
      5. Time estimated on completion
        1. Which release is planned
        2. Breaking down tasks to 1-2 day chunks
    2. [Lead, Dev] Plan a time for the meeting
      1. Senior project team, & developer team must be present
      2. Meeting should not conclude until open issues/questions discussed & blocking items resolved
      3. Must be conscious of time, detailed implementation discussed offline
      4. Complete plan not required, but should be clear
    3. [Dev] Post minutes, and results of the discussion in a component wiki page
      1. Including agreed on timing, and requirements
        1. Needs to be fairly accurate at this point for scheduling
      2. Main implementation items
      3. Remaining open items
      4. Create and Link to appropriate implementation jira's
    4. [Lead, PM] Review updated wiki and provide feedback
    5. [Dev] Execute!!