Version 10

    ConnectionFactory configuration


    ConnectionFactorys are defined inside a <connection-factories> element


    • <no-tx-connection-factory> - a ConnectionFactory that does NOT take part in JTA transactions

    • <tx-connection-factory> - a ConnectionFactory that does take part in JTA transactions


    Common parameters


    • <adapter-display-name> - used to identify the RAR deployment matching the <display-name> in the ra.xml (jboss-3.2.x)

    • <rar-name> - used to identify the RAR deployment, this is the archive name or the RAR maybe embedded in another deployment (jboss-4) e.g.

    • <connection-definition> - identifies the connection definition inside the ra.xml (jboss-4)

    • <config-property> - configuration properties for the ManagedConnectionFactory e.g.

        <config-property name="SessionDefaultType" type="java.lang.String">javax.jms.Topic</config-property>


    Parameters specific to the <tx-connection-factory>

    • <local-transaction> - whether the connection factory only supports local transactions (the default)

    • <xa-transaction> - whether the connection factory supports XA transactions