Version 17

    Common configuration for DataSources and ConnectionFactorys


    These are the common parameters for DataSource and ConnectionFactory deployments in -ds.xml files




    • <mbean> - a standard jboss mbean deployment

    • <depends> - the ObjectName of an MBean service this ConnectionFactory or DataSource deployment depends upon

    • <jndi-name> - the jndi name where it is bound - by default, this is prefixed with java:

    • <use-java-context> - set this to false to drop the java: context from the jndi name



    • <xa-resource-timeout> - the number of seconds passed to


      when not zero (since 4.0.3)


    Security parameters


    JCA Login Modules - are used to inject security configuration into the connection

    when configured


    • nothing - uses the user/password specified in -ds.xml for DataSources or the getConnection/createConnection method without a user/password (the default)

    • <application-managed-security> - uses the user/password passed on the getConnection or createConnection request by the application

    • <security-domain> - uses the identified login module configured in conf/login-module.xml

    • <security-domain-and-application> - uses the identified login module configured in conf/login-module.xml and other connection request information supplied by the application, e.g. queue or topic in JMS


    Pooling parameters


    • <no-tx-separate-pools> - whether separate subpools should be created for connections inside and outside JTA transactions (default false)

    • <min-pool-size> - the minimum number of connections in the pool (default 0 - zero)

    • <max-pool-size> - the maximum number of connections in the pool (default 20)

    • <blocking-timeout-millis> - the length of time to wait for a connection to become available when all the connections are checked out (default 5000 == 5 seconds, from 3.2.4 it is 30000 == 30 seconds)

    • <idle-timeout-minutes> - the number of minutes after which unused connections are closed (default 15 minutes)

    • <use-strict-min> - whether idle connections below the min-pool-size should be closed (added in JBoss-5.x)
    • <track-connection-by-tx> - whether the connection should be "locked" to the transaction, returning it to the pool at the end of the transaction; in pre-JBoss-5.x releases the default value for Local connection factories is true and false for XA; since JBoss-5.x the default value is true for both Local and XA and the element is deprecated.

    • <interleaving/> - enables interleaving for XA connection factories (added in JBoss-5.x)

    • <prefill> - whether to attempt to prefill the connection pool to the minimum number of connections. NOTE: only supporting pools (OnePool) support this feature. A warning can be found in the logs if  the pool does not support this. This feature will appear in JBoss 4.0.5.

    • <background-validation> - In JBoss 4.0.5, background connection validation as been added to reduce the overall load on the RDBMS system when validating a connection. When using this feature, JBoss will attempt to validate the current connections in the pool is a seperate thread (ConnectionValidator).

    • <background-validation-minutes> - The interval, in minutes, that the ConnectionValidator will run. NOTE: It is prudent to set this value to something greater or less than the <idle-timeout-minutes>

    • <use-fast-fail> - Whether or not to continue to attempt to acquire a connection from the pool even if the nth attempt has failed. False  by default. This is to address performance issues where validation SQL may take significant time and resource to execute.

    Security and Pooling


    Unless the ResourceAdapter has <reauthentication-support> using multiple security identities will

    create subpools for each identity. The min and max pool size are per subpool so be careful with these

    parameters if you have lots of identities.