Version 6

    JVMIL - java:/ConnectionFactory Configuration


    JBossMQ connector for clients in the same JVM as the JMS Server - uses direct method invocation.


    The configuration can be found in jvm-il-service.xml

    In older versions of JBoss it was in jbossmq-service.xml


    I believe that this is the default mechanism. More certainly (see Adrian Brocks' JBoss performance tuning guide), it can be accessed:


       qcf = (QueueConnectionFactory)initialContext.lookup("java:/ConnectionFactory");



    Default Configuration

      <mbean code=""
        <depends optional-attribute-name="Invoker"></depends>
        <attribute name="ConnectionFactoryJNDIRef">java:/ConnectionFactory</attribute>
        <attribute name="XAConnectionFactoryJNDIRef">java:/XAConnectionFactory</attribute>
        <attribute name="PingPeriod">0</attribute>


    Configurable Attributes

    • Invoker
      - the ObjectName of the interceptor chain that leads to the JMSDestinationManager

    • ConnectionFactoryJNDIRef
      - the jndi binding - default java:/ConnectionFactory

    • XAConnectionFactoryJNDIRef
      - the jndi binding of XA connection factory - default java:/XAConnectionFactory

    • PingPeriod
      - the period after which a ping is sent to the server, if the server does not pong within a further PingPeriod a connection failure is reported to any ExceptionListener ()

    • ClientID
      - the fixed ClientID for this connection factory


    () - This is set to zero by default since you obviously don't need to test for connection failure in the same virtual machine. However, if you configure the ClientMonitorInterceptor for the HTTPIL you will need to do a ping to avoid clients being disconnected.