Version 2

    Configuration of the TransactionManager


    The Transaction is the core controller of JTA, this service provides management features.


    Default Configuration

       <mbean code="" name="jboss:service=TransactionManager"
          <attribute name="TransactionTimeout">300</attribute>
          <!-- set to false to disable transaction demarcation over IIOP -->
          <attribute name="GlobalIdsEnabled">true</attribute>
          <depends optional-attribute-name="XidFactory">jboss:service=XidFactory</depends>


    Configurable Attributes

    • GlobalIdsEnabled - whether to use global ids for IIOP and JCA TransactionInflow (JBoss only - default true)

    • InterruptThreads - whether to interrupt threads at transaction timeout (JBoss4 only - JBoss-3.2.x always interrupts)

    • TransactionTimeout - the default transaction timeout (300 seconds)

    • XidFactory - the object name of the XidFactory



    • TransactionManager - the transaction manager instance

    • XATerminator - the XATerminator instance

    • TransactionCount - the number of active transactions

    • CommitCount - the number of committed transactions

    • RollbackCount - the number of rolled back transactions



    • registerXAExceptionFormatter(Class, XAExceptionFormatter) - add an XAException formatter

    • unregisterXAExceptionFormatter(Class) - remove an XAException formatter