Version 3

    Configuration of the XidFactory


    The XidFactory is responsible for generating Xids


    Default Configuration

       <mbean code=""
          <!--attribute name="Pad">true</attribute-->


    Configurable Attributes

    • BaseGlobalId - the prefix to the Xid (defaults to the host name)

    • BaseGlobalIdNumber - the number to start the Xids at (defaults to 0)

    • Pad - whether to pad the xid to Xid.MBQUALSIZE (for Oracle weirdness)

    • Instance - the xid factory



    • newXid() - generate a new xid

    • newBranch(XidImpl, long) - create a new branch for the Xid

    • extractLocalIdFrom(XidImpl) - get the LocalId for this Xid

    • toString(Xid) - gets the Xid in "human readable" format