Version 13

    For an always up-to-date description of all maven goals, type "maven help".


    portal-extensions has a maven.xml file that includes the major

    goals needed to build and deploy the project into the server.

    Here is a brief description of the ones available from the repository:



    global goals for the whole project:


    • maven all: combined goal (clean,build,deploy)


    • maven bootstrap: combined goal (prepare-repo, build-all)


    • maven build-all: combined goal (clean, build)


    • maven clean-all: deletes all previously build war files from the deploy directory


    • maven deploy-all: deploys all war files included in the project in the deploy directory specified in the file


    • maven first-install:installs jspwiki-pages, blojsom and the forums portlet and calls maven all target


    • maven prepare-repo:compiles the forge-common classes, builds forge-common-1.0.jar, forge-theme-1.0.jar and copies them to the local Maven repository location


    • maven theme-install: deploys the theme war file into jboss-portal.sar


    • maven all-redeploy: combined goal (clean, build, deploy)


    • maven eclipse: creates .classpath and .project files for the specified project for Eclipse IDE



    main maven goals:

    • maven clean: deletes .war files in the directory it is run from


    • maven deploy: copies .war files to the deploy directory as specified in the file


    • maven build: generates the .war files and copies them to a target drectory from where they can be deployed into the Application Server





    in addition every subfolder has its own maven.xml which

    defines similar goals for each portlet