Version 1

    Step 1) Launch the new server wizard

         - Click File -> New -> Other, find the Server category and choose Server


         - Or choose the New > Server button or action in the Servers view

    Step 2)  Select and define your server type

         - From the JBoss Enterprise Middeware category, choose your server version

         - Enter valid server host name and unique server name for your new server or leave the default, click Next >


    Step 3) Configure server for remote definition

         - Choose Remote server type

         - Choose controlled by Filesystem and shell operations option

         - Check Server life cycle is externally managed option

         - Uncheck Assign a runtime to this server

         - click Next >


    Step 4) Configure remote server properties

         - Click New Host... button


         - Select SSH Only and click Next >



         - Enter Host name, click Next > 3 times and click Finish


         - Select Browse... to set the remote server home

              - Fill information about ssh connection (username, password)

              - Choose server folder (i.e.   /home/myservers/EAP-6.4.0 ) and click OK

         - Click FInish

         - Your new server instance is displayed in the Servers view

    Step 5) Set server credentials and start server

         - Open the server editor by double clicking your new server in the servers view or select, right-click select the Open action

         - Set admin username and password in the overview tab

         - Select the Teiid Instance tab and set your JDBC username and password

         - Select your server in the view and select the Start button on the toolbar or right-click select the Start action