Version 4

    Enabling management agent in JVM

    To attach jconsole to a JVM, it has to be launched with a management agent:

    java -jar ...


    To run JBoss AS with the agent enabled, simply run:



    See JBossRunParameters.

    See also:


    Connecting jconsole to a JVM

    To list java processes, run jps (found in <java_home/bin>).

    $ jps -l
    28922 org.jboss.Main
    28871 org.codehaus.classworlds.Launcher
    18290 org.netbeans.Main

    Then connect the jconsole:

    $ jconsole 28922

    Happy monitoring


    Connecting jconsole to JBoss AS started from Cargo plugin for Maven


    To pass the parameter using Cargo plugin for Maven, add this to pom.xml:


                 <!-- Container configuration -->
                 <!-- /Container configuration -->