Version 5

    Contributing your Own Aspects


    If you have an idea for an aspect with JBoss AOP, edit this page and add your link below.  If you are interested in this becoming part of JBoss AOP's aspect library, please email the JBoss AOP team or



    • PAT (patsystem): Persistent Applications Toolkit (Persistence Aspect for POJOs)

      • On the webpage you will find:

        • project's description, download area

        • demo application, example code, documentation

        • mailing list for any help, blog about aspects, ...

        • tutorial on how to run your new PAT-enabled app in 4 minutes


    • DMCache A Dynamic Method-Based Caching API for Java

      • Caches results of method invocations for following

       method invocations with the same arguments

      • Transparent to existing client and server code

      • Strong cache consistency via method annotations (relies on JDK 1.5)

      • Provides good cache hitrates and good efficiency improvements for typcial web applications

      • For advantages over dynamic web caching (such as JESI) read the API's README

      • TPC-W Benchmark (for Java) as a showcase