Version 5

    You are excited to be a new committer or someone who aspires to have commit rights to PicketLink source code.


    Step 1:  Read up on the help section on  There is tons of information about becoming a committer.

    Step 2:  Now that the project lead has accepted you to be a serious person wishing to commit code to the project, you will need to sign a simple contributor level agreement (CLA)  at   (Once the SLA is signed, via a private message on, send in your username)

    Step 3: Study the code that is already existing.  Please do not recreate classes or methods that we already offer. Look for utility classes etc. It is extremely important that you are aware of the code structure and code, before you become a serious committer.

    Step 4: Follow the eclipse code style or formatting as provided below. For IntelliJ, just create templates as given in the guidelines.

    Step 5: Ensure that all the tests pass before commiting code. If you added functionality, then please add a test case.

    Step 6: Use the PicketLink Development Forum to brainstorm or discuss ideas before embarking on a major commit fest.


    Welcome to PicketLink!!!


    Templates For Eclipse:

    JBoss Eclipse Format.

    JBoss Eclipse Template.


    Also available from :