Version 38

    Checklist for Labs 1.1:




    1. Beautify all project pages with a new style.

    2. Prepopulate the download counters database.

    3. Test the portal 2.2 database update script.

    4. Configure LabsDS DataSource on Production AS.

    5. Beautify the big primates list portlet page.

    6. Set and test the sending of mail for watched wiki pages

    7. Trying to login as admin/admin shows "HTTP Status 400 - Invalid direct reference to form login page"

    8. Shotoku-admin is not secured (maybe we'll drop it for this release, I'll see - Adam)

    9. Check & update DTDs




    1. Check how the page looks on IE


    Won't Do Yet:


    1. Big white space on the left and bottom side of project table

    2. Blog page has no context. Either bread crumb or Blog highlight in the menu would help

    3. Add "Feedback for content" to each project page.

    4. Tag me button in the same code as Edit button




    1. Top nav is all wrong... need new red hat nav.

    2. A lot of white space on top page between News|Dev Spotlight|Podcast columns

    3. When on the main page, clicking the level names to fold/unfold projects lists (for ex. "JBoss.ORG Projects") causes the right three boxes to "jump" (maybe they are centered vertically and change in page height causes their change of position?)

    4. Navigation: First link should be "JBoss.ORG Home" that links back to the main home page.

    5. Blank space in the section between the welcome.html and the blog, podcast, and primate porlet needs to be removed.

    6. How does one get back to the list of all projects in the nav bar after I've selected a project?

    7. Some of the project pages are shifted down the page.

    8. Update the red in our logos to match the new Red Hat red.

    9. Add "?noproject=true" to the blog link  in nav automatically (adam working on this).

    10. Separators and js-foldable menus don't work in nav

    11. The default view of nav on first visit should show all projects in nav rather than just JEMS projects.

    12. All users can "administer" contributor agreements.  BAD BAD BAD! 

    13. FAILURE! Login causes blog portlet to throw NPE in shotoku somewhere (seems to only happen in https, but I could be mistaken).

    14. Link to "Next 10 blog entries" is broken on prj blog.

    15. Edit button not appearing in freezone pages when under proper user and role.

    16. Administration link is always visible

    17. All authors of blog entries are "The JBoss Labs Team"