Create service tests using Forge

You can now create unit tests for SwitchYard services using a simple forge command : create-service-test.  This command is available once you install the "switchyard" facet in your forge project.  Generating a new test only requires a service name:


switchyard create-service-test --serviceName MyService


The service name passed in via --serviceName is not required to exist at the time the test is created.  Of course, the test will fail if you don't create a service with this name in the application.  The generated test class looks like this:


@SwitchYardTestCaseConfig(mixins=CDIMixIn.class, config=SwitchYardTestCaseConfig.SWITCHYARD_XML)
public class MyServiceTest {

    private Invoker service;

    public void sendMessage() {
        service.sendInOnly("Message content goes here!");


The generated test class is just a starting point.  Here are some changes you might want to make to the generated test:

  • If you want to invoke a specific operation name on the service, then add it to the @ServiceOperation annotation.  For example, if you wanted to invoke the "process" operation on the "MyService" service, then the annotation value would be "MyService.process".
  • If the service operation is in-out then you will want to change the test method to invoke service.sendInOut().
  • Replace "Message content goes here!" with the actual payload for the message.
  • Consider the use of additional MixIns depending on what you are testing (BPM, transformation, web service, etc.).
  • Add more test methods!  You can have as many as you want per test class.