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    This is a page about Whuffie.


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    1. Read Investigating Correlations of Trust and Interest Similarity - Do Birds of a Feather Really Flock Together?

    2. Read Accuracy of Metrics for Inferring Trust and Reputation in Semantic Web-based Social Networks

    3. Read Reputation Network Analysis for Email Filtering


    Semantic Web


    1. W3 Semantic Web

    2. The SIMILE Project

    3. Piggy Bank

    4. RDFizers - This is very cool


    Subversion and the Semantic Web


    1. Subversion RDFizer


    Javadoc and RDF


    1. Javadoc RDFizer


    Semantic Web Visualization


    1. The Longwell Project: Longwell is a web application designed to let you browse and search an RDF model, especially when big (we use it for datasets that have 500k statements).

    2. The Haystack Project


    Semantic Web Repositories and Frameworks


    1. Jena- Jena is a Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, including a rule-based inference engine.

    2. Joseki - Joseki is a server for publishing RDF models on the web. Models have URLs and they can be accessed by query using HTTP GET. Joseki is part of the Jena RDF toolkit.

    3. Kowari - The Kowari MetastoreTM is an Open Source, massively scalable, transaction-safe, purpose-built database for the storage and retrieval of metadata.

    4. 3store - 3store is a core C library that uses MySQL to store its raw RDF data and caches. The library offers OKBC and RDQL query interfaces, over HTTP (via an Apache web server module), or directly though the C library.

    5. Sesame - runs as a remote repository from any servlet container. The Sesame documentation describes configuration using the Tomcat servlet container. Sesame can use its own in-memory repository or MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle as data repositories. To set up the Sesame repositories, you can either edit the application configuration or run the configuration tool. You can then load data into the repository through Sesame's web interface


    Random Semantic Web Links




    3. - Open Source Tools for the Semantic Web