Version 10

    DavCache - CMS Sample


    The DavCache distribution includes a very simple CMS example.


    It consists of just one JSP, /cms/index.jsp inside the webapp, so it is nowhere near a real world CMS application.  Its aim is just to give you an idea of how DavCache could be used as a base for a proper Content Management System.


    After you have started DavCache in either JBoss or Tomcat, the CMS sample will be visible at



    The JSP defines a simple layout with a menu panel on the left and the current page title and content on the rest of the page.


    Unsurprisingly, no content will be displayed unless you add some.  Pages can be added as simple HTML files to the (guess what?) WebDAV storage accessible at


    using your favourite WebDAV client (e.g. Windows Explorer).


    Here's how to add some pages


    1. Create a local file Home.html containing some simple HTML, such as

        Welcome to the <b>home</b> page!


    2. Copy Home.html to the WebDAV location

    3. Refresh the CMS sample in your browser

    4. Your home page now has some content

    5. Create some other pages, say Page++One.html containining

        Welcome to the <b>first</b> page!

      and Page++Two.html containing

        Welcome to the <b>second</b> page!


    6. Copy the new pages to the WebDAV location

    7. Refresh the CMS sample in your browser

    8. The menu has been automatically populated with links to all the available pages


    Have a look at /cms/index.jsp in the DavCache webapp to see how it works. It is quite simple.