Version 4

    DavCache - Persistence


    By default JBossCache is configured as an in-memory cache only. If you plan to use DavCache as a distributed filesystem or for a CMS application, this is not the best option as you probably don't want to loose all your files each time your applications is restarted.


    Don't worry! JBossCache can be configured to save state to the filesystem, to a JDBC database or to a Sleepycat DB Java Edition, using a CacheLoader.


    As DavCache is just a thin WebDAV layer on top of JBossCache, please see JBossCache docs and wiki for the full documentation and configuration options.


    The JBossCache instance used by DavCache can be configured in davcache.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml if you are using the JBoss service version, or in davcache/WEB-INF/davcache-service.xml if you are using the webapp version. The file includes some example JDBC CacheLoader configurations commented out.