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    Core JBoss ESB &150; Scenario Definition


    WARNING: this page under construction!!


    This example is based on information from and the example found in the Mule distro from here:


    • This example will focus on the following interactions with the ESB


      1. Customer shops around different banks looking for a loan

      2. Customer inputs Social Security ID and loan $ amount, and loan terms

      3. Banks do a lookup on Social Security ID through a credit agency before sending out a quote

      4. Customer received quotes from each bank and selects one



    The customer will enter this information once, through a Loan Broker.  The Loan Broker will then be responsible for sending along the data to each of the banks in the communication channel and data format required by that bank.  The Loan Broker will do the credit history lookup once for all banks and provide that as part of the loan request to each bank.


    The scenario looks like this:


    Diagram 1



    For now, I'm thinking of the following along the lines of how the different systems/tiers will communicate with one another:

    • Client to Loan Broker via SOAP

    • Loan Broker to Credit Agency via Stateless EJB - treat this as some internal J2EE application which we can invoke directly through a simple EJB call.  We can stub a very simple service to return a "good" or "bad" rating score.

    • Loan Broker to Bank's via JMS, EMAIL, FILE - Idea here is to use as many interfaces as possible to show how you would use them.

    • From Banks to Loan Broker for Quote Responses via JMS, EMAIL, FILE - reverse of above.

    • From Loan Broker to Client via Email - I think the customer should get an email response message formatted with the various bank responses with embedded links to "accept" a loan, etc - html formatting not important here so we will just a basic text reponse message for now.


    The state/flow diagram is attached (thanks Esteban).