Version 12

    This page is for tips, tricks and notes related to getting the demo objects to work.



    • To see the actual source download the war file for the demo and unzip it. (Update: since 3.1.0 the code that is shown under the "View Source" is exactly the one that is launched )

    • Please, if you put the note here, post the date of it. Otherwise, it is hard to understand what version of the product you are speaking about.


    Modal Panel

    • This code does not seem to work as billed.  The example code does not seem to work correctly, (though this could be misuse of the code).  The example code causes all of the text that should be part of the modal panel to appear on the page.


    • The Documentation for this feature found here shows similar usage.  While this can be used to show a modal panel, the example code for filling the panel does not function as shown.  (Except for the header.)  There are also syntax errors in some of the examples.  (For example the first <h:outputText value="header"> does not terminate. (i.e. />))


    • (Post your working non-javascript version of this feature here)


    Data Table

    • Though I am not sure why, the JBoss Seam reference to the variable used for the data table cannot have the object name attached. 

      • For example if you have a Seam Object called agent and it has a list object called cabinList you normally reference a seam object like this : {agent.cabinList} but for the data table you reference it as .

        • This is normal Seam behaviour, if an datamodel is used (something annotated with @DataModel. Please refer to seam doku.