Version 2

    Download, install and run JBoss Developer Studio

    Download & install JBoss Developer Studio 7.0 Beta2 from and follow installation instructions. Installer allows to run JBDS immediately after installation end, so leave this option checked and finish the installation process. This release of JBDS introduced a new feature so you can use source code from public git repository to deploy to OpenShift. More at


    Configure and deploy to OpenShift

    Once JBDS is started move to the JBDS workbench (hit 'Get started with JBoss Central'):



    We are going to clone a big repository so we need to increase git remote connection timeout (can be found under Preferences - Team - Git):


    Select OpenShift application from JBoss Central:


    Provide OpenShift credentials (if you don't have OpenShift account yet, sign-up at



    Fill in application details (the most important is to use git:// as application source code):
    Hit next, Configure/create SSH Key pair to be able to clone remote git repository to your local workspace:


    Hit Finish, you will be asked to add fingerprint to known_hosts and to publish changes to remote (openshift) git repository. Both times select yes.
    That's it, you can now checkout your application at: