Version 2

    These directions worked for WebSphere

    Fundamentally the problem is the lack of JAR files in the default WebSphere CLASSPATH, or the wrong versions. Two things are neccessary to correct this problem:


    1. Adjust WebSphere application server settings

    2. Adjust Guvnor settings in WebSphere (the application specific settings)

    3. Modify the Guvnor pom.xml file to include additional classes (these classes are not included in WebSphere, so must be included in the WAR file)


    Adjust WebSphere AS Settings

    I'm not certain if these custom websphere application server settings are required, but since they are present in the working configuration, I will document them here. The custom settings, and directions on how to configure them, can be found at:

    General instructions for setting custom properties are found at:


    Adjust 'Guvnor' Application Specific Settings


    In order to ensure we get the 'right' application settings, we configure the application to load from it's own class loader first. Directions to configure this property can be found at https://zuxho14:9045/ibm/help/index.jsp?topic=/ Select the "Classes loaded with application class loader first" Option.


    Modify Guvnor's pom.xml File


    The following lines need to be added to Guvnor's pom.xml before rebuilding Guvnor:

            <dependency>             <groupId>javax.persistence</groupId>             <artifactId>persistence-api</artifactId>             <version>1.0</version>         </dependency>         <dependency>             <groupId>javax.annotation</groupId>             <artifactId>jsr250-api</artifactId>             <version>1.0</version>         </dependency>          <dependency>             <groupId>org.hibernate</groupId>             <artifactId>hibernate-validator</artifactId>             <version>3.0.0.GA</version>         </dependency>

    This was sufficient to get Guvnor running on 2/10/08. I did not install this version of WebSphere, and do not know what other changes were made before I got here. YMMV.