Design Notes for Managed Exploded Deployment in HAL

Version 4



    Provide some support for managed exploded deployments (MED), such as explode, browse-content, read-content, etc.




    EAP Issue:

    Add more information to browse-content and read-content as: mime-type, file size, directory/file flag,


    Dev contact: Claudio Miranda <claudio at>


    Design notes for supporting managed exploded deployments


    Wildfly-core feature branch, contains the implementation of this feature in Wildfly




    The feature branch for wildfly has open pull requests. These features must be merged into Wildfly distribution.


    [WFCORE-429]: Incremental redeployment (single file update) over management API by ehsavoie · Pull Request #1675 · wildf…

    [WFCORE-429]: Incremental redeployment (single file update) over management API by ehsavoie · Pull Request #9063 · wildf…


    [WFCORE-1741]:  read-content operation does not return the uuid of thstream as the operation result by ehsavoie · Pull R…




    Support the following operations for MED

    * browse-content (no navigation, only tree listing)

    * read-content


    Continue to support the managed deployment operations for MED

    * explode (unzip a disabled deployment)

    * replace

    * view attributes (managed, archive, enabled, enabled/disabled timestamps)

    * assignments (domain mode)

    * status


    Display additional deployment information:

    * Is managed or unmanaged

    * Archive or exploded


    Non Requirements


    The following operations will not be supported at this time. Maybe for 7.2.

    * remove-content

    * add-content

    * browse-content (navigable tree)

    * add (empty archive)




    The operations will be displayed as an additional item in the drop-down component. Currently it displays: Disable, Assign/Unassign, Remove, Enable.

    The additional items will be displayed accordingly to the deployment status:

    * Explode operation: only when: managed AND archive AND (disabled OR not assigned)
    * Browse content: only when managed AND not archive

    * Replace operation: only when managed