Version 1



    Provide a http link to the WISE application (http://hostname:8080/wise), available in the webservices section of runtime view in standalone mode.




    [HAL-1141] Add link of webservice (WDSL) to WISE. - JBoss Issue Tracker





    There is an open PR, once this is merged the HAL part is ready to merge into HAL master.

    [WFLY-6779] added WISE feature code by rsearls · Pull Request #8998 · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub




    The WISE subsystem, deploys a regular wise.war application, it will be available at

    The webservices section in runtime view of HAL, should display the http link to the wise application, only in standalone mode, because WISE subsystem only deploys the wise.war in standalone mode.

    The webconsole will take the protocol + hostname + port from the HAL request URL.