Version 8

    This page is meant for the EJB 3 development team. It contains a link to the latest plan and some general guidelines.


    The Plan





    For Q1 2008 there is no separate plan, because the Q4 2007 still applies.


    Jira and SVN commits

    Every commit in projects/ejb3 should have an EJBTHREE issue number in the commit message. There should always be a reason for changing the code which should be outlined in a Jira issue. This allows issues to be linked and tracked for release cycles.

    It can be that issues are of a generic nature like "Fix test suite" or "Refactor cache usage".


    Maven2 conventions


    • Do not put a groupId in sub-component poms. It's effectively inherited from the parent pom.

    • The directory in which a sub-component resides should be the last bit of its artifactId. So jboss-ejb3-interceptors becomes interceptors.


      The rationale is that it's already a jboss component, which resides in projects/ejb3, so the last bit is a sufficiently unique identifier.


    Currently the generated project files for Eclipse are committed into SVN. To regenerate these use:


    mvn -Peclipse eclipse:eclipse


    (Do not forget the profile -Peclipse.)


    Important Links


    The build and test process for trunk is outlined in DevEJB3NewPlugin.