Version 4





    Organization and creation of content to make being a user easier. 


    Users on the verge of becoming contributors


    .ORG acts as "user advocates" in making sure some response to patches and other potential contributions occurs.  By ignoring potential contributors, we stand to alienate them forever.  Even a negative reply with constructive criticism is better than no response.  Each project ultimately still has to judge the contributions for themselves, we won't apply patches.  But our job is to make sure that users who are on the verge of becoming contributors get special hand-holding to ensure their contributions don't fall through the cracks.


    Developers who care and cooperate


    Primarily we need to give them the good tooling to do their jobs.  Better blogging experience.


    Additionally, both visual and content style guides would help developers who are trying to create their own content.  We will still groom and organize everything, but if style guides and point people in the correct direction, the better.


    Developers who care and are frustrated to the point of not cooperating


    This group will take time to prove we're trying to remove their frustrations.  Improving the tooling to entice them back to .ORG instead of off-shore rogue tooling is ultimately the end-game for this group. We cannot force folks to use our facilities.  We must entice.


    Developers who don't care


    Unfortunately, here we have to pick up the slack and continuous try to educate by example as to why it's important to care.  Ultimately, there are benefits to caring, in terms of growing both the contributor and user bases. 


    .ORG Projects


    Style guides


    A Visual style guide and library of HTML/CSS snippets to make it easier for projects to conform to a consistent look-and-feel.


    A Writing style to explain how we prefer to do documentation and other written materials.  Not dis-similar to the Red Hat style guide, but more comprehensive, perhaps.  Could perhaps include advice as to structure/form for documents, in addition to more general voice/personality advice.