Version 5

    Road map for 2007

    Important note:

    This is for the drools project. The drools project feeds into the JBoss platforms (which are the long supported products ) - features in those supported platforms typically lag (or omit) features from this project, so keep that in mind (this is a drools project roadmap, not a jboss product roadmap). Also note drools is an open source project developed in the open, with many contributions from the community, so some of the items and timelines are best effort estimates.



    Q1 release (milestones in new year):

    • BRMSv2 (new L&F)

    • Rule test/scenario tool (in BRMS)

    • Rule analysis tools (both in Ant, and BRMS - possibly IDE)

    • CEP/ESP in core and language

      • Support of multi-thread stream processing

      • Support of temporal reasoning

    • Enhanced ruleflow



    • BRMS with advanced access controls (so it can be accessed by BAs as well as admins)

    • Decision services (BRMS to expose rules as web services)

    • CEP/ESP enhancements

      • Support of transparent event management (garbage collection, etc)

      • Support of sliding windows



    • Solver platform

    • add built in support to adapters: JMS, JDBC, CSV, etc, adapters, specially to event streams.

    • add built in support to different fact types: XML, CSV records, Log records, other JVM object types (Jython, Groovy, etc), custom pluggable facts. This is to avoid parsing and instantiation of java objects when most of the event/data will be discarded anyway. Will allow us to scale better, both in memory and perf metrics.

    • add support to bean validation (in the lines Mark's email to the list)

    • CEP/ESP v2 (i.e., improving support added in Q1)





    (this document is always a WIP)