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    I've created a process, but I have some problems.

    1. I don't know, how bind the two parts of the process. I have a timer event, where I am waiting 2 weeks for the message. If the timer is run down, then go the process to the fail state, but in the meantime arrive a message, then go the process success state.


    I've attached a image of the process, where you can see this situtation.


    (I think so, that I have to create a rule, what canceling the timer event, when incoming the message event before 2 weeks. I don't have other solution, but I'm not sure, that it is good way. Here is my rule, what I wrote in a drl file:


    rule "Cancel wait" ruleflow-group "cancel" salience 25
            workItemNodeInstance: WorkItemNodeInstance( workItemId <= 0, == "2 hét" )
            workItem: WorkItemImpl( state == WorkItemImpl.PENDING ) from workItemNodeInstance.getWorkItem()



    2. I would like to upload the drl file to the guvnor from eclipse. I can see, that is successfully, but I don't see rule file in defaultpackage in guvnor.



    3. I would like to test the process in gwt-console, but I don't know, how can I create the message event in gwt-console? How can I test the rule in gwt-console, where rule file is in the guvnor?



    Can You help me about this problem?