Version 6

    The Familiy Puzzle


    This was the second episode of the (still not so) famous Drools puzzle contest.



    The Puzzle

    • Three men, Abel, Locker and Snyder are married to Edith, Doris and Luisa, but not necessarily in this order.

    • Each couple has one son.

    • The sons are called Albert, Henry and Victor.

    • Snyder is nor married to Luisa, neither is he Henry's father.

    • Edit is not married to Locker and not Albert's mother.

    • If Alberts father is either Locker or Snyder, then Luisa is Victor's mother.

    • If Luisa is married to Locker, then Doris is not Albert's mother.


    Who is married to whom and what are their sons called?


    Taken from the german book "Denken als Spiel" by Willy Hochkeppel, 1973 (Thinking as a Game).


    Posted by G.Starke


    Even with some googling I did not find a solution on the internet - which was my

    personal prerequisite for selecting this puzzle...




    The Submissions


    We received twelve submissions - two of those were non-Drools solutions (which were not evaluated for the actual puzzle):


    Find details on the evaluation here.