Version 2

    ManagedRuleBases are RuleBases that are remotable. when a ManagedRuleBase is instantiated it registers itself centrally. A RuleClient can connect to a remote RuleBase. From there the client can add/delete/list rules and also interrogate/manipulate any of the rulebase' sessions.


    When the RuleClient starts up it lists all available ManagedRuleBases in a tree view. The user can click of any of the RuleBases to connect to it. Once connected gui lists will be populated (lazyily on request) showing the number of sessions, the rules etc. the author can change or remove any rule. The author can also add rules either by selecting a drl file on disk or authoring in the editor view.


    A RuleClient should also be able to select multiple RuleBases and do a more limited set of bulk actions, like add/removing rules.