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    In order to help users to match output with an executed command, it is proposed to include the command (and its options) in the console output.


    • Keep current behaviour. No command is echoed by default.
    • Command is never echoed in interactive mode. This feature only applies to non interactive (list of commands, scripts and API).
    • Only echo the executed commands, commands that are part of not executed branches are not displayed.

    Design Notes

    This change implies:

    • Introduce a new XML config file element <echo-command>true/false</echo-command> to enable/disable echoing.
    • Introduce a new CLI option --echo-command. When present, the command and its associated options are printed prior to the command output (if any).
    • The CLI option overrides XML configuration.
    • Upgrade the CLI XML schema to version 3.1.
    • Upgrade the bundled CLI XML config file to version 3.1
    • Develop a set of unit tests.


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